Tuesday, June 19, 2007


eh...crappy kinda.

done on tommys amazing laptop...where you can flip the screen around and draw on it...so....these are kinda bleh.

the first one is from a drawing ive been doing for about 4 months now....im just not finishing it anytime soon...this ones more simplistic...

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and...this second one is from a picture of words in a .gif flash thing that scrolled these words thru it. so i figured it'd fit this little drawing of the pon and zi guy....yeah...i know he doesnt look like a replica...but i dont want him to.

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Friday, June 15, 2007



I fixed my camera.


its been busted for about a year. the only time it worked in between then was when i took the computer pictures.

yeah. im not pleased. well, i am now cuz i fixed it.

so...i got to thinking...i like peoples pictures they take.

like...not with friends and crap. just artistic pictures.

so...im thinking about taking the camera everywhere and scoping out some places i like. taking pictures. yeah...

so. stick to drawing? or pictures? or a little of both? i'll be brainstorming picture ideas....just in case...

oh, and if my camera breaks again...all i have to do is format it from the live action screen menu. and....its fixed. hooooorayyyy.

A non e muse.

Hey. If you're going to comment, leave a name. or something to let me know who you are.
and....if you commented on the buble wrap game...and told me to draw something....I'll post something after you tell me who you are.

not like instantly...but i'll begin work on another project.

so. who are you all?

i know i sound like a dick...but im either going to disable anonnymous comments and make it a bitch for you to comment because youd have to sign in....or...i'll not post drawings for extended periods.

dont ruin it for everyone.

sorry if it sounds mean...im not trying to make it mean.


Friday, June 08, 2007

Game i made in flash. beat my score of 45.7!


hmm....a while ago..tom called rob a plank fucker. so i drew a fuckable plank.


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andddddd these are some pictures i photoshopped...

2 of my cousin's friend...
one thats just cool

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i call it....Chalk Norris.
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and....an online comic i saw on jon's myspace.

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yep. comment please...

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

guitar crap. and stuff.

well. i got my effects pedal and another 1/4 inch jack cable...and...a wall hanger. no strap came. seems they replaced it with a free, 90 dollar value distortion pedal today. im happy.

i need to draw more. expect much more this summer...depending on how much i work and if i get another job...

We'll miss you Sean Little...