Sunday, March 04, 2007

Random Crap

So. All of ye whom have le Prep de College Engleesh know that we have to read Life and Death in Shanghai. It causes immense pai in my little world. I hate it. It was so boring at the beginning, picked up a little, and died again. I dont like this book, and im not very far.Im writing this to get a break from reading.
So anyway...whats new....ummm, a lot of you have see my stupid magic tricks...yeah...some ask why i do gay little things like that. Its cuz i lke to watch people freak out at weird stuff. It amuses m to hear people say crap like..."Brandon, YOUR FINGERS ARE SMOKING!" and "DUDE!!! Is that pen in your nose???" or maybe the occasional retard tt trys to tie his/her shoes by shaking their foot. well. i do it because some people freak out. or try it themselves and look stupid. subject
Frets On Fire. The Best game since...Gutar Hero. Why one might ask? because. it has every song from guitar hero I and II. Plus others that people made. you use f1-f5 as frets and enter as the stru bar. you look rearded playing a keyboard, but its awesome. So...if you feel like getting BitTorrent or BitComet or any other downloading thing, search for Frets on Fire on and download the sogs for it. the game itself is free to download. so...yeah. next!
the title of this blog starts with "Drawings". i havent posted any in a long time. i showed a few people one of my favorite drawings...and that was given to someone. all that ended up turning out into a depressing pile of i hope that gets better. im working on that one from a long time ago still...the landsape type drawing. its a creek with rocks in it and trees and crapin the background. yeah...
the brekfast club was on today. i think its the best movie ever. if you havent seen it, see it. i might draw something from that next...i watched it and saw one part i was thinking about drawing. i wateched another movie about this teacher, and a graduae from the school won an oscar for a gay role he played in a movie. he then thanked his teacher when he told the world that William Fredredkendinkerson or whatever his name was gay, an he inspired him. the teacher was getting married in 3 days when this happened. everyone from the town was watching, due to the celeb being from that town. so...he was ambushed with quetions. and he wasnt really gay. and..this reporter guy told him that he knew what it was like because he was gay. so he kissed the teacher, and then he was freaking out. he went to his wedding and realized he turned gay over 3 he didnt get married. he said Im gay insted of I do. he got fired and everyone looked at him funny, and in the end all the graduates cofessed to being gay, everyone at the graduation including old people confessed to being gay. so...this guy got his job back...nd fell in love with the reporter guy.and yeah...idk y i just wasted your life thee, but i did. sorry. if you want a nickle for your time, ill give you one. now i gotta go read. so bye.

dammit im mad <--------- that is the same thing as it is wow or mom or racecar. i proud of that. i made it. weeee.

ps. shit...i forgot what i was gunna say.

pss. after 5 minutes of thinking, i cant remember. damn.

psss. GOT IT! a lot of my typing in her might be crappy like this...."we went tthe stre"; not "we went to the store" my keyboard is crapping out on me.