Wednesday, February 14, 2007

V Day Sucks

and im a grumpy ole bastard. this is gunna be short. cuz i dont feel like bitching up a storm. and ill punch you in the ear if you tell me "oh, its not that bad" or "~~fill in sappy saying here~~" infact, if it makes me more pissed, ill punch your ear and your tooth, then run you over. and ps, hearts dont look like this

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they arent all nice red and cute. they look like this. all....funky, chunky, and...something else that rhymes with chunky.

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so start drawing them like that. and start a campaign to cancel valentines day.

and i heard theyre making anti-valentines cards. great idea. reach out to all the pissed off bastards like me. except...most of us arent gunna go stock up on these cards and give em to ppl so they think we're assholes. so....screw you hallmark, i can post blogs for free instead of spending 4 dollars on a piece of folded paper.

and...with my closing statement, id like to say....
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