Friday, July 20, 2007


yes. it works. its not like all the other crap ads. sign up for paypal online credit card type thing.

then....go here...and sign up

and....we both get 1 cent to 1.5 cents per view of an ad...its just a friggin popup thats up for 30 seconds..

well. 1 cent. GHEY?
cuz you repost this...then someone reads get paid for their work, the more it branches the more you get.... can just click 10 popups...get 10 cents...and....anyone else refered by you doing that also earns you money.

anyway. just....sign up for this...please.
watch ads. dont even watch stuff...WE get money. crap online. woo.

if you sign up for it and decide to do this, please tell me. ill be proud. and...might do a lotta stuff to suck up for you. :]

and...yeah. thanks...

or click the title of this post. :]


Anonymous jon said...

you should figure out how to make a virus or something to open up like a million of these type of pages and put it on all the computers at school

11:32 AM  

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