Saturday, December 29, 2007


Umm. I got new stuff. more drawings [[computerized will be coming soon. ish.


i plan on making one for a friend. hopefully its gunna be good. i cant really say what it is till i do it tho.


stay tuned? i guess.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007



I'm fuckin' mad.

Well, school's started again, so I guess I should start to type like a civilized humanoid. more of this shit...and...teh elipses will still probably be here, just less/.

I'm not correcting those mistakes.


I never attend Drama Club due to my job which I'm working every day. So far, almost everyone has quit drama. Not almost everyone, just a lot of people. I talked with Gimp at brunch today; He had an idea about forming a student led club or something along those lines. I think that's a great start to making Drama Club "Drama Club" again. But, will we have enough leadership and maturity to get through it? I don't know, but I'm doubting that the school will let us run amuck in the auditoriums with no "responsible adult." I'm wraping this section up here. How can I say this without getting in trouble if someone finds it? I, along with many others, do not like the new Drama Instructor based upon what I've heard or experienced outside of Drama. I cannot name the person, because the teachers are required to Google their names every so often to make sure nothing is going on. Anyway, I knew there would be some sort of resistance, but you cannot put the blame solely on the kids. It is just like another long, after-school class from hell. This is based upon what I've heard.

Speaking of the auditorium:
What the hell. There were a bunch of older folk in the lobby today, rallying around the auditorium. My social studies teacher talked to one of the men down there. Apparently, the superintendent and the principle decided to keep it a secret from the rest of the faculty and students that there was going to be a meeting on the ethanol plant and a grant-signing "celebration." Well, our teacher brought us down, knowing that this topic will effect us, and we attended this meeting with all the MNEnergy workers and some locals opposed to the plant. We expected a resistance from the locals, but all it ended up being was a few "BOO!"'s during the signing part. I don't appreciate the fact that this secret was kept behind closed doors. I can understand why it was kept from students, but not the teachers. I mean, there were TV cameras and everything, and we were on the Five o'clock news I think, so I can understand why the students shouldn't have known. Anyway, some woman commented us on how respectful we were, and yadayada. Oh, and the big shot politician guys sounded like aliens. "I bring you greetings from Gov. Tim Pawlenty" and the like. :]

I hate Math Analysis, end of story.
The teacher gave a whole speech on how a lot of people fail the first quiz in that class. And how they end up hating the teacher of the class they struggle in. So, I don't want to admit it, but I will hate her by the end of the semester. I won't personally hate her, but I will just dislike the class related with her. about the failing, many people failed. What about me you ask? I failed. My first F. How did it feel? Like Godzilla shit on my chest in front of all Tokyo. Of course I felt the need to compare myself to others in hope for reassurance, like any prick would do. No, they all did better than I. I know of one person that tied me, and one that did worse. These people aren't dumb, we just can't grasp how it is explained.

Magic: Fun until I go on a rampage.
Every "magician" deals with a heckler.
**Heckle: to harass and try to disconcert with questions, challenges, or gibes**
A.K.A. Ruin everything.
I wish I had a tater gun to blast these bastards away from me. They're everywhere though. Mainly boys/men, these kind are usually the self-confident asshole you see trying to hit on women excessively, talk about how huge their wang is, and buff themselves up by proclaiming that they "kicked his ass, and that black eye wasn't a symbol is him getting his ass beat." Guess what heckler-boy: Fuck You. Everyone knows there is no such thing as magic. I have one napkin routine that is hilarious if everyone stays quiet besides the "victim" of the trick. That one person always has to say something though. With a lot of my tricks, they aren't that hard to notice, but they have a great effect if finished without interruption. I hate everyone who does this shit, and I can almost promise that if you are reading this, you aren't one of those people. My friends don't blurt out how to do it. Thanks for that. And as for me doing magic, I plan on buying approximately 300 dollars worth of new tricks. That is a ton, I know. It's a waste, I know. I do not care though. I will still end up performing these tricks in the hallways and classrooms, but I know that I can't mess up, or I'll be heckled. If guys do this all the time, why not avoid them and try the opposite sex? I'd rather be heckled than have some girl think I'm a douche-bag. If it is someone like Marcy, Tori, Hayley, Alisha, Hannah, or someone else that I actually know a bit, then I'm comfortable showing them. They already know I'm a douche-bag, so it doesn't matter. But Tommy, Mike, Rob, and all the other guys aren't hecklers, so I'm comfortable showing them. So, thanks if you're supportive or at least keep quiet.

Well, thanks for reading this far if you did.
I'll stop now.
I lied.
I know I no longer have a career in anything engineering related. I don't know, but I doubt it. As I was thinking about what to do today, I pondered about my grandpa's hobby: Amateur Archeology. I go on these archaeological digs with him, and hunt for arrow heads with him. It's so amazing finding all this. Recently, in Iowa, we found pottery, huge buffalo bones, arrow heads, knives, scrappers, and even a grave site. Out of respect, one of the main men in charge decided to leave the area below the organized rock formation under ground. We could have easily unearthed up to 30 arrowheads/knives/pendants/etc. and possibly a skeleton. But anyway, the woman that owned this land was mowing along a hill, her mower rolled, and ended up landing on her. She was mauled and died horribly for a 80 something year old. She was nice when I met her in Iowa though. She came down and was interested in all we were doing in this land on her property. Now the government owns the property, so we can't go back.
Then, I thought about what I could do with magic. I love it. I could be some creepy old guy doing shows in back yards and doing small shows. When daydreaming, I go big though. I want to go to Vegas or another tourism related city, and make a name for myself. I love street magic, but anything else is fine for me. I know I seem pathetic, but I work with kids, so I get along with them. I can do kids shows. I can make balloon animals and keep them entertained and controlled. I can do tricks where I just do the trick and walk away. Perfect for street magic; I need no elaborate set up. I could also easily do small shows with audience interaction, or I could do a large show with stage tricks. Anyway, I'll be done now.

If you got this far, I love you.
Not homo-like if you're a homophobe.
And not like let's go get married if you're a girl.
But maybe you were just bored. Either way, thank you.

P.S. If I get some reactions/comments/views on this blog, I'm going to post a conflict based blog. With gay marriages and religion related stuff.

Friday, August 03, 2007


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